1000bargains.com Website Review & Ratings + 1000Bargains.com Coupons
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1000bargains.com Website Review & Ratings + 1000Bargains.com Coupons

1000Bargains.com: Products & Services

1000Bargains.com is a website hosting a free web directory that showcases free giveaways sponsored by various companies who wish to share their new or existing products with potential and existing consumers.  1000Bargains.com also lists money saving coupons. 1000Bargains.com is regularly updated on a daily basis with new giveaways and deals.

1000Bargains.com: Company Background

1000Bargains.com is owned by Great White Advertising, Incorporated, located at 305 Madison Avenue # 1166 in New York, New York.  They can be reached by e-mail here.  You can sign up for The 1000Bargains.com newsletter that comes straight to your e-mail inbox with updates on new freebies and deals by putting your e-mail in the newsletter subscription box at the top right on the main page of the website. 

1000Bargains.com: Customer Feedback & Reviews

1000Bargains.com is a brand new website.  There are no current reviews posted online about the site yet.  However, their other sisters sites are generally well received and well used by freebie hunters everywhere.  The company's other site, RefundSweepers.com, which hosts a forum is an active location for frugal living enthusiasts, internet-wide.

1000Bargains.com: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Great White Advertising who runs 1000Bargains.com, nor the site itself is accredited with The Better Business Bureau (BBB) and does not have a business listing for The BBB.  Even though some business are not accredited, they are still listed with a profile on The BBB website.  Bear in mind, 1000Bargains.com is a brand new sister site of 1000Bargains.com and The popular website, RefundSweepers.com known to most freebie enthusiasts.

1000Bargains.com: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

1000Bargains.com has an Alexa Traffic Rank of 5,537,907 throughout the world.  In The United States, the new website's Alexa Traffic Rank is listed as 2,938,003 with Alexa.  1000Bargains.com has 20 other websites that link into it. 1000Bargains.com has a Google Page Rank of 2 out of a possible 10 points, at the present time.

1000Bargains.com: Social Media Presence

1000Bargains.com does not yet have a Facebook profile. 1000Bargains.com does not yet have a Twitter profile.  1000Bargains.com does not yet have a Pinterest profile.  The site also does not have a YouTube.  The site is brand new and stay tuned for more social networking with this site.   It appears that they are working on it!

1000Bargains.com: Website Security & Safety

1000Bargains.com is safe to use. McAfee Site Advisor tested 1000Bargains.com and didn't find any significant problems.  Google Safe Browing's assessment of 1000Bargains.com reports that over the past 90 days, the site did not appear to function as an intermediary for the infection of any sites. 1000Bargains.com has not hosted malicious software over the past 90 days, either as reported by Google Safe BrowsingGoogle Safe Browsing's Diagnostic page for 1000Bargains.com has determined that is not currently listed as suspicious.

1000Bargains.com: Pricing & Packages

1000Bargains.com newsletter and website are always free to use.  You cannot get much better than free as far as pricing goes!  1000Bargains.com posts free product samples and free offers that are completely to the best of their knowledge.  They redirect you to other sites that host free giveaways and free sample offers.  You should never be charged for any of these offers.

1000Bargains.com: Shipping Rates & Policies

No shipping policy.

1000Bargains.com: Payment Methods Accepted

1000Bargains.com has no cost.  The website is a free service that posts free giveaways and sample products to be given away by other companies.  You are never asked to pay for any of these items, because to the best of the site's knowledge, everything should be free.  However, the site is not responsible for content other sites they refer you to have on their websites.  As with most directories, you are often directed away from the site to other websites to sign up for free offers and products.

1000Bargains.com: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

1000Bargains.com has no return or refund policy, because they do not sell anything.  They are simply a free web directory for giveaways hosted by other companies and they post coupons and deals for consumers.  Their services are free and there is never any cost associated with using anything on their website.

1000Bargains.com: Product images & screenshots
1000Bargains.com Coupons
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